Sarah, Le Petit Palais d’Aglaé’s owner, loves sharing her passion for seasonal produce and designed her very own vegetable garden and organic orchard where you can learn everything there is to know about the food growing here. A slice of paradise where you can sample fruit and vegetables at their freshest and most flavourful. They’re picked in the morning and delivered straight to the kitchen where they’re prepared and served. The produce showcases Provence and Mathias Florent’s talent as a gardener.

Our vegetable garden

The welcoming and generous “flower of abundance” embraces the shape of an eight-petalled flower. Like a mandala, its “holy” design radiates good vibes.

Heirloom vegetables, herbs, wild plants and edible flowers are lovingly grown here in line with nature and the lunar calendar. Being bold and creative come naturally to Sarah, the owner of Le Petit Palais d’Aglaé, the chef and gardener as the vegetable garden is an incredible playing field for concocting exciting cocktails and delicious fresh dishes every season.

Step in, soak up the colours and aromas and connect with Mother Nature. We want you to make the same connection so please feel free to explore it. A source of wonder.

Our orchard

Our orchard’s apricot, cherry, pear, apple, fig, blackcurrant and strawberry plants bring to mind the horn of plenty with unforgettable taste sensations for you to experience through the seasons.

Our olive trees

They have been Provence’s signature since Antiquity and take pride of place at Le Petit Palais d’Aglaé. We love and care for them. We’re proud to make our own olive oil. Our hand-picked olives are pressed using a stone mill in keeping with tradition by the Moulin du Clos des Jeannons.